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Selecting the Right Industrial Concrete Floor Coating for Your Facility

Many facility owners and managers, in realizing that a professionally-installed concrete floor coating system can greatly enhance their facility, need assistance in selecting the appropriate floor finish. The Florock team understands that, without industry knowledge, choosing the right concrete coating can be challenging. Here, we’ve outlined some of the steps involved in working with a commercial flooring specialist, when choosing the most appropriate concrete coating system for a specific facility.

Florock High Performance Flooring by CIC of GA

Florock High Performance Flooring by CIC of GA

Follow these guidelines to help ensure new flooring success:

1. Check Existing Surface Condition of the Floor

When initially visiting a facility, the flooring specialist’s first job is to thoroughly examine the condition of the concrete slab, whether existing concrete or recently poured. Both require proper preparation before flooring system installation can proceed. For a successful floor application, the concrete substrate must be in good condition, free of cracks, unevenness or any contamination that might impede good bonding of the new floor topping.

If the concrete shows evidence of one or more of these conditions, the installation team will include the correction of the defects in the preparation process. Depending upon site conditions, as well as the type of flooring to be installed, the crew will use mechanical means, such as shot-blasting and/or diamond grinding, to open the pores of the concrete surface in preparation for subsequent priming and coating.

2. Explore Floor Performance Requirements

An experienced flooring professional can suggest one or more floor topping solutions for a given facility space and budget. Recommendations are based on data the facility provides regarding the day-to-day activities and general conditions within a specific building or room. It is therefore imperative that facility managers provide the installer with as much information about their operation as possible. Only then can the flooring specialist determine, for example, what level of abrasion and impact resistance the floor will require, if the floor will need to withstand continual levels of foot and cart traffic, or if high compression strength flooring will be demanded due to heavy loads. Department managers should openly advise their flooring professional if there is a risk of items being dropped, if extreme temperature cycling occurs, if specific chemicals are used in the space, etc.

There are hundreds of concrete coating systems that can be combined to provide the optimal flooring solution for nearly every facility. However, successful system selection greatly depends on the information the facility manager provides their flooring specialist. It pays to review facility requirements carefully and inform the contractor thoroughly.

3. Consider Facility Expectations

In addition to the performance benefits, selection of a concrete coating system must take into account other facility expectations. Flooring aesthetics can play a big role, so it make sense to discuss the desired colors, blends, floor markings and embedded logos early on in the selection process. Parameters of budget, facility access and turnaround time are also important to the discussion, as are facility maintenance practices and life expectancy of the flooring.

By taking the time to thoroughly review these and other critical items together, facility managers and installation professionals set the stage for a successful concrete floor coating project.

4. Install using Professional Services

Professional flooring installation from a manufacturer-approved flooring specialist is crucial to the success of a concrete flooring project. Due to the technical nature of today’s epoxy and resinous floor coating materials, as well as the variety of application techniques and site conditions involved, most resinous flooring projects in commercial, industrial or institutional facilities require much more specialized expertise than the house maintenance crew, no matter how skilled, can supply.

Professional installation can help ensure that concrete coatings perform and provide the outstanding lifecycle value expected!

For more information on choosing the appropriate concrete coating for facility flooring, contact Florock today.

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