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How to Repair a Concrete Floor Slab

Aisleway in need of repair

Aisleway in Need of Repair

A crack or hole in a concrete slab can be devastating to flooring surface integrity. Repairing concrete flooring can be challenging, but with the right resinous finishes and the help of a professional epoxy contractor, the job can be accomplished quickly and economically. Read on to learn how facilities can utilize resinous coatings to repair cracks and preventively maintain floors, as well as how they can determine which resinous flooring is appropriate for repairing their specific concrete slabs.



Aisleway Floor Expertly Installed by IA Solutions of TN

Aisleway Floor Expertly Installed by IA Solutions of TN

When to Repair Cracks in Concrete Flooring

Without protective systems in place, concrete slabs can be highly susceptible to cracks. What appears to be just a hairline surface crack can soon deepen and spread, growing into a serious a trip-and-fall hazard. To alleviate further damage, even fine cracks in the concrete should be repaired as soon as they are noticed. Epoxy and other resinous materials, mixed with special aggregate or thickeners, are commonly used for patching up defects in concrete slabs. A flooring specialist can determine which resin floor chemistry is most desirable for each facility’s existing concrete flooring.

Preventative Measures for Maintaining Flooring Integrity

It pays for managers to stay on top of their facility’s flooring condition and address any damage as soon as possible. Facilities can work with their flooring contractor to repair the beginning stages of any cracks or breaches in the concrete surface. The flooring contractor will have on hand the various materials needed to preserve concrete floor slabs, including the appropriate epoxy or resinous floor coatings, aggregate blends, gelled patch kits, moisture vapor testing equipment and remediation systems. Depending on the environment of the facility, the flooring contractor may utilize specific materials for installation, including systems capable of curing in cold temperatures, moisture tolerant products, and quick-curing resins. Facilities may also want to keep their own repair kits in stock for expedient patching of any cracks or holes in concrete. Catching damage in the beginning stages can save on expensive resurfacing later.

Appropriate Flooring Systems for Repairing Concrete Slabs

Wondering which coatings are best for flooring problems? The following finishes are desirable for concrete flooring crack repair:

  • FloroGel—A 100% solids epoxy gel used for patching up cracks, spalls and other minor problem areas
  • FloroCryl CR Gel—A thixotropic MMA acrylic resin utilized for quickly patching small cracks in concrete slabs at room to very cold temperatures
  • Florock 6500—Floor elastomer used to bridge cracks, waterproof, absorb shock or fill expansion joints
  • FloroCryl Deck—A quick-curing MMA acrylic primer and elastomeric membrane utilized for crack-bridging, waterproofing and shock absorption

For facilities that need to resurface large areas or entire concrete slabs, the following may be more suitable:

  • FloroBuild—A high-strength epoxy and graded aggregate mortar for resurfacing of moderate to severe deformities, including pitting or deterioration, in concrete floors
  • FloroCrete HD—A low-odor urethane mortar that can repair and protect floors from heavy impact, abrasion and thermal shock
  • FloroCryl Build—A fast-curing, and cold temp-curing, acrylic MMA and aggregate mortar used to repair cracks and floor damage that is moderate to severe in nature

Need assistance in determining which resinous flooring system is appropriate for a given facility? Contact a Florock specialist today.

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