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The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Retail Settings

Retail facilities must have a high-strength flooring system in place to withstand the daily challenges they face—and seamless high performance epoxy coatings are a desirable solution. Want to learn about some of the benefits of epoxy and other resinous flooring for retail environments? Check out our list below.

Florock High Traffic Retail Grocery Store Flooring

Florock High Traffic Retail Grocery Store Flooring

Benefit: Withstands Constant Wear-and-Tear

Flooring in retail environments is exposed to continuous abuse. Retail facility flooring receives high levels of foot, wheel and cart traffic, as well as harsh impact from dropped items. If floors are not properly protected with a high-strength flooring system, they can become extremely damaged and require costly replacements. High Performance epoxy and other resinous flooring provides the needed solution. These systems furnish outstanding durability that meet retail facilities’ needs.

Benefit: Fast Turnaround Times

Many types of retail floor toppings require facilities to completely shut down during installation, sometimes for days or weeks at a time. Grocery store and department store settings simply cannot afford to be closed to the public for extended periods, as the logistics, loss of revenue and in some cases, spoiled merchandise, can get cost prohibitive. Because of this, decorative epoxy and other resinous floor coatings can be a desirable choice. Selected resinous floor finishes have quick curing times, with some flooring being ready for use within a single day, depending upon site conditions. Certain fast-curing materials even offer very low to no odor installation, easing the cost of air management, and supporting good indoor air quality. With epoxy and other resinous flooring, retail facilities can often remain open for business during installation.

Benefit: Easy-to-Clean Flooring

With so many visitors, flooring in the retail industry is exposed to dirt and bacteria that could ultimately be harmful to employees and customers alike. For sanitation and safety, informed managers choose easy-to-clean, seamless floor finishes comprised of epoxy and other polymer resins. Epoxy and resinous coatings hold up under frequent use of sanitizing chemical cleaners that can damage most other types of flooring. Epoxy and many other resinous systems offer additional savings and convenience to retailers, as they require no monthly waxing or quarterly polishing treatments. Some manufacturers even offer special antimicrobial floor coating formulations for the ultimate hygienic protection.

Benefit: Customizable Levels of Skid-Resistance

Flooring throughout retail facilities must have exceptional levels of skid-resistance to protect customers and employees from potential falls and injuries. With epoxy flooring, facility owners have the option to customize the level of their skid-resistant finish throughout their floor coating system. Areas that are more prone to wheel or foot traffic can then have much higher levels of skid-resistance, as needed.

Benefit: Aesthetic Value of Epoxy Flooring

While epoxy flooring provides a variety of performance and cost benefits to retail environments, it also contributes to the attractive surroundings that helps bring shoppers back time after time. Flooring can be a crucial component of a store’s overall branding efforts. Companies may showcase their specific image with customized colors, blends and patterns of epoxy and other resinous flooring. For example, a children’s retail clothing franchise might select a resin floor in eye-catching primary color blocks or bright, lively patterns. An organic grocery store chain may opt for resinous flooring that mimics natural, earth-toned granite. Additionally, epoxy flooring allows facility owners to embed their brand logos and any other custom markings. A flooring specialist can suggest the appropriate flooring design, given a facility’s aesthetic preferences.

With all the practical and aesthetic benefits that epoxy and other resinous floor coatings provide, it’s no wonder they’re a first choice for many retail facilities.

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