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Why Choose a Professional Epoxy Floor Installer

Skilled professional installers from Epoxy, Inc. of FL at work.

Skilled professional installers from Epoxy, Inc. of FL at work.



For industrial and commercial applications, resinous flooring is a serious business and much more complicated than one initially imagines. The performance requirements are extensive and detailed, and hiring an experienced professional installer is one way to help ensure that the high-performance epoxy and other resinous finishes will perform as needed.

Every concrete floor slab has its own “personality,” depending upon its age, composition, site conditions, and many other factors. Specialty flooring contractors are experts in proper preparation of the concrete surface prior to coating system application, including thoroughly analyzing—and testing—these factors, as well as addressing them with appropriate surface treatment and primer. In many cases the installer and manufacturer work together to provide the optimal solution for each flooring application.

See how a professional epoxy installer can help facility managers select the correct resin floor coating chemistry and properly install the floor system for outstanding durability.

Careful cutting-in and attention to detail is imperative.

Skilled professional installers from Epoxy, Inc. of FL at work.

Choosing the Appropriate Epoxy Floor Coating

Facilities can choose from many different resin chemistries for their floor coatings. However, not every type of resinous flooring is appropriate for every application or site, Without professional insight during coating selection, less-than-ideal flooring systems can be installed. For example, seamless flooring comprised of epoxy resin is not always the best choice for certain facilities, such as commercial kitchens with high-heat ovens, freezer areas or any space with vastly fluctuating temperatures. MMA (methyl methacrylate), cementitious urethane, polyaspartic or thin film urethane—or a combination of several of these—might be what provides optimal performance for a given application. Experienced professional epoxy installers can analyze what resin would be the most appropriate for a given application. Following careful product selection, the professional epoxy contractor then installs the chosen epoxy or other resinous flooring system, using the methods and technique best suited for the application.

Working with an Epoxy Contractor for Coating Installation

A professional resinous flooring installation company is usually affiliated with a well-respected materials manufacturer. Once facilities select a resinous finish for their floors, their supplier may suggest an epoxy installer to prepare and apply the coating. Professional epoxy installation can be crucial to getting a floor system that’s safe, hygienic and easy-to-maintain.

The substrate preparation phase is one of the most important steps of epoxy flooring installation. In attempting to do this themselves, individuals or maintenance crews lacking appropriate knowledge of resinous floor application often make small errors that result in big problems. Beyond concrete preparation, a host of other challenges can present themselves to the uninitiated. In the end, inappropriate self-installed epoxy or other resinous flooring is likely to demonstrate poor bond and other issues that end up being more costly in the long run. A professional installation can help ensure that epoxy flooring is applied for maximum durability and lifecycle value.

For more information on installing epoxy and other resinous finishes, contact the Florock team. Our floor coating specialists can analyze your flooring needs, suggest an appropriate system, and connect you with the approved resinous flooring epoxy contractor near you.

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