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Why Choose Low VOC Floor Coatings?

Sanitary & Safe Low VOC Florock Floros by Florock UK

Sanitary & Safe Low VOC Florock Floors by Florock UK

When choosing a floor coating system, facility owners must be highly conscious of the system’s indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ references the quality of the air inside facilities for the safety of those frequenting the building. Contaminants like bacteria or pathogens, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exuded from materials within the space can be threats to acceptable IAQ. Epoxy and resinous flooring can contribute to good IAQ in a number of important ways. Read on to learn how resinous flooring can help mitigate VOC concerns in facilities.

High Quality Florock Flooring Installation by Florock UK

High Quality Florock Flooring Installation by Florock UK

Benefits of Low VOC Flooring for Facilities

When facilities opt for flooring that contains high levels of VOC or toxins, be it solvents, formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals or other dangerous substances, poor IAQ and the resulting health risks to occupants can be costly to both finances and reputation. Having to shut down for extended periods to correct the poor IAQ, added to damages from potentially harmed employees or visitors, can be an expensive undertaking. Low VOC flooring is desirable for facilities looking to minimize the unintended consequences of lesser-quality flooring. Florock epoxy and other resinous floor finishes promote the health and safety of those in the building. Low odor options with zero to very low VOC formulations, free of formaldehyde, phthalates and heavy metals, make Florock resinous floor coatings a good choice for facilities desirous of promoting good IAQ. In addition, Florock epoxy and other resinous finishes are USDA compliant, making them ideal for facilities handling food items.

Other benefits of resinous flooring systems:

Expedited Installation Process of Low VOC Coatings

Many resinous flooring systems offer speedy installation. During the application process, quality epoxy and resinous floors produce low to zero VOC, which contributes to fast turnaround times of certain formulations. Some fast-curing formulations can even cure at temperatures well below freezing, making them ideal for large cold room and freezer warehouse flooring.

Promotion of a Healthy Environment

Epoxy and resinous flooring systems help promote a clean, healthy and safe environment. The floor surfaces are impervious to spills, providing easy clean-up for facility owners. The floor coatings are also available in chemical sanitizer-resistant finishes to support Contamination Control Plans. If desired, facility owners can opt for the additional antimicrobial protection of FloroSeptic.

In addition to being easy to clean, the best quality low VOC resinous flooring boasts a safer chemical composition. Unlike many other floor coverings, Florock resinous floor finishes do not contain heavy metals, phthalates or added formaldehyde. After full cure, the floors are inert and avoid the “outgassing” that can occur for months after installation of products like carpet, vinyl tile and sheet goods. This promotes good IAQ and helps safeguard occupants’ health.

Seamless Design

Some types of floor coverings are not suitable for sensitive facilities. For example, the fibers of carpeting can conceal the presence of mold, mites and dust — and encourage their proliferation. Our low to zero-VOC floors, however, are non-absorbent, with a virtually seamless design void of grout lines where germs can hide and grow. Because the floors have no welded seams and are completely bonded to the concrete surface, they also resist the cracking and curling seen in various vinyl flooring options.

Choose Low VOC Floor Coatings

The many benefits of low VOC flooring, including decorative beauty, high performance, good IAQ support, and outstanding long-term value, make it a clear choice for discerning facilities.

Want to learn more about how epoxy and other resinous floor finishes support good IAQ? Get in touch with the Florock team. One of our local experts can suggest the best low VOC flooring system for your unique operation. Benefit from top-quality low VOC floor coatings and systems that can help maximize the usable life of your concrete traffic surfaces. We offer full service, from design and specification, to material selection and installation by one of our experienced, approved installation contractors. Great selection, performance and value – the cornerstones of every Florock flooring solution.