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Best Concrete Coatings for Cold Storage Rooms & Warehouses

Cold Storage Rooms

Flooring for cold storage rooms such as large walk-in freezers and coolers, laboratories, dairies and certain factory storerooms face unique challenges. Traditional flooring options cannot handle changes in temperature and can begin to crack or become severely damaged, compromising the flooring integrity over time. These cracks could also invite harmful bacteria, further compromising the safety and sanitation of the flooring. While typical commercial flooring cannot withstand the daily conditions cold storage rooms face, specific concrete floor coatings can. Urethane concrete, methylmethacrylate (MMA) and polyaspartic resin technology provide unique flooring alternatives that are among the best solutions for cold storage rooms.

Want to learn more about concrete coatings for cold storage rooms and warehouses? Follow our guide on the types of facilities and areas that can best utilize these special concrete coatings, as well as the advantages of these systems.

Facilities and Buildings Suited for Concrete Coatings

Uniquely- performing concrete coatings ideal for cold and freezer storage warehouses are also commonly utilized in cold processing plants, walk-in coolers, special science laboratories, cleanrooms, and other locations under mandate to operate in temperatures below what most consider to be comfortable “room temperature”. While typical epoxy floors will not cure or perform properly in such spaces, special low temperature-curing, high performance floors are available for the following types of facilities:

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Benefits of Concrete Coatings for Cold Storage and Production

Concrete floor coatings help facilities meet various federal and local regulations and make agency inspectors smile. These floor coatings are:

  • USDA compliant—Areas that are storing or processing food, including frozen foods, such as cafeterias, dairies and walk-in freezers must adhere to stringent sanitation requirements. Concrete floor coatings for cold storage roomsare USDA compliant, helping to ensure that facilities are operating safely and hygienically.
  • Slip resistant—Cold storage rooms could quickly become hazardous if appropriate slip protection isn’t in place to protect from the slick nature of cold floors as well as when the floors are being cleaned. Concrete floor coatings can be customized to various levels of friction for needed slip resistance.
  • Easy to sanitize and clean—If a cold floor is to be cleaned with hot water or steam, then urethane concrete is the only way to go—it is the only type of floor coating chemistry with appropriate thermal shock resistance to endure this type of cleaning and rapid temperature fluctuations.


  • Non-staining and non-absorbing—Other flooring types, like tile, could absorb stains or odors from the freezer room. Concrete floor coatings, however, are seamless and resistant to damage.
  • Fast curing—It is indeed the rare freezer room, cold storage or cold processing location that can be emptied and quickly warmed up to the temperatures required for standard epoxy flooring installation and cure properly. In contrast, MMA, polyaspartic and urethane concrete coatings are quick curing, even in cooler to very cold temperatures. The fast turnaround times of these special resin technologies help ensure that the cold storage facility or processing plantdoes not lose business waiting for floor coatings to cure.
  • Formaldehyde and phthalatefree—Spaces housing food, beverages, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals and similar items must have flooring that supports the safety and sanitation of goods and processes, without exposing them to the toxic outgassing that can occur for months after installation of many other flooring types. Florock concrete floor coatings do not contain formaldehyde or phthalates, eliminating the risk of those chemicals adulterating facility production or products, and making this flooring a safer option for cold room storage and other facilities.

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