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Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Dog Day Cares

handle abrasion from animal nails

Every day, dog day care floors experience the non-stop traffic of dogs scratching and running, as well as the occasional “accident”, and need an appropriate flooring system to handle abrasion from animal nails and heavy cleanings as well as chemical resistance to disinfectants and urine. Epoxy floor coatings and other resinous finishes are ideal for use throughout dog day cares. In addition to dog day cares, polymer floor coatings can be advantageous in other animal facilities, including dog boarding facilities, animal shelters, veterinary clinics, grooming spas, animal training facilities, hotel kennels, boarding catteries and more.

Want to learn about the advantages of epoxy floor coatings in dog day cares? Examine the many benefits below.

Superior Resistance to Stains and Scratches

Floors Resistant to Stains and ScratchesWithout a properly installed high-durability floor coating, floors in dog day cares are susceptible to unsightly scratches from dogs’ toenails when pawing at the floor and running, stains from housebreaking accidents with accompanying unsanitary conditions—all of which can leave an unprofessional image in customers’ minds. To keep a building in sanitary and attractive condition, facilities often opt for durable, epoxy flooring systems. These high-strength floor toppings can withstand the day-to-day activity from animals, cleaning protocols and human foot traffic.

Customized Slip Resistance

Certain areas of a dog day care building, such as bathing stations, may require higher slip resistance than the check in area. With epoxy floor coatings, facilities can choose the level of friction required for specific areas in the dog day care or boarding building without sacrificing aesthetics. Effective, yet gentle, “orange peel”-textured skid resistance is ideal for tender canine paws.

Fast Installation Turnaround Times

Like many other facilities, dog day cares cannot afford long periods of downtime for flooring installation. Professional flooring installation teams can install epoxy floor coatings in record turnaround times, sometimes in as little as two days.

No Formaldehyde Usage

Dog day cares are entrusted to take care of beloved animals and that includes not exposing them to harsh chemicals, including toxic formaldehyde and phthalates. Epoxy floor coatings and the complete line of resinous finishes from Florock® contain absolutely no formaldehyde or phthalates, making them safe for dogs and employees alike.

Low Odor Installation and No Emissions after Cure

Regardless of industry, once floors have been installed, they must not emit any fumes or odors. This is especially important when dealing with animals.  Additionally, flooring should not release toxins (“off-gassing”) that could potentially irritate or endanger both animals and employees. In contrast to many other flooring options, the Florock line of epoxy floor coatings do not give off any emissions after full cure, promoting a safe dog day care and housing environment for everyone in the facility.

Leading Chemical Resistance and Cleanability

Flooring in dog day cares and similar facilities must be able to resist any urine and animal waste, as well as sanitizing cleaners. Epoxy flooring for dog day cares has exceptional acid, alkaline and chemical resistance and can withstand exposure to urine and waste, as well as the chemical cleaning agents needed to sanitize. Its high strength surfaces also resist odor absorption, helping to keep facilities clean and hygienic.


Exceptional Durability

Dog day care facility owners need a flooring design that performs year after year and that can be installed and easily maintained within allocated budgets. Other flooring types, like vinyl, may not be able to withstand the day-to-day abuse that dog day care facilities face. Epoxy floor coatings, however, can. These resinous floor toppings furnish superior life cycle value to ensure flooring endures the day-to-day activities, nails impacting the surface area and sanitizing cleaners used in dog day care facilities.

Options for Bacteriostatic and Fungistatic Flooring

Any facility that houses animals could be susceptible to bacteria and fungus growth due in part to natural germs dogs carry as well as urine and waste incidents. Proactive facility pathogen control calls for antimicrobial flooring featuring bacteriostatic and fungistatic options, specifically seamless resinous floor finishes.

For successful floor applications with superior durability, professional installers provide the best value. To learn more about epoxy coatings for dog daycare facilities, contact the Florock team today.

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