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Epoxy Floor Solutions for Waterproofing Concrete Floors

Many high-performance commercial and industrial resinous floor coatings are considered to be impermeable. They are engineered to keep fluids and liquid chemicals from saturating, damaging and deteriorating concrete floor slabs. However, in multi-level structures, where expensive damage to the level below a wet floor area can occur, additional waterproofing measures for facility floors are warranted. Wondering how waterproof epoxy flooring works and for which areas it could be beneficial? We’ve outlined the details.

Why Are Waterproof Epoxy Floor Coatings Necessary?

Waterproof concrete floors are valuable in high moisture areas

Decorative FloroQuartz Floor with Florock Waterproofing Underlayment. Pedicure by Edwina

Almost any floor can get exposed to excess water or other liquids at some point in time, whether from normal manufacturing processes, a spill accident, faulty plumbing or other events. In unprotected floors, these excess fluids can make their way past floor finishes to saturate substrate materials or, for multi-level buildings, soak through the ceiling of the room below. As a result, harmful water damage, mold and bacteria can develop and compromise the structural integrity and safety of the building. To stay protected, prudent facilities consider waterproof epoxy floor coatings. Waterproof resinous floor technology typically consists of a seamless, fluid-applied elastomeric underlayment that is compatible with the epoxy floor coatings or other decorative polymer flooring finishes.  There is a seamless waterproofing underlayment solution for nearly every type of commercial flooring system.   These full-service, multi-layered floor finishes can withstand spilled or leaking water and even harsh chemical cleaners.  As with all epoxy floors, systems that incorporate waterproof coatings are slip, abrasion and chemical resistant.

What Areas Need Waterproof Flooring Solutions?

Nearly every type of commercial, industrial or institutional resinous floor can be installed with extra waterproofing protection when required.  The important thing to understand is where and when it is needed. Special waterproof epoxy floor coatings or other waterproof resinous floor systems are recommended for any area above ground level that is high risk for regular exposure to spilled liquids. The following areas typically utilize waterproof epoxy floor coatings when located on upper levels:

  • Retail mall food courts and restaurants
  • Pool decks and terrace dining locations
  • Parking decks
  • Commercial and institutional kitchens
  • Restrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms
  • Spas, salons and other personal care facilities
  • Medical facilities, exam rooms, therapy rooms
  • Wet processing operations
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Industrial mezzanines
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Janitorial closets
  • Wet storage of any kind
  • Public self-storage facilities

Expert Epoxy Flooring Application

Waterproofing floor technology can greatly augment a facility’s flooring investment, and proper installation by a team of manufacturer-approved professionals can make all the difference.  After the decision has been made to incorporate waterproof epoxy flooring into the room design, a specialty contractor can help with product selection, as well as perform the flooring installation.  Having quality products installed by factory-trained professionals helps ensure that the new flooring system will look beautiful, and provide the overall performance and exceptional waterproofing you expect.

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