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Protect Your Facility with ESD Epoxy Flooring

ESD epoxy floor coatings can dissipate static electricity

If your facility handles sensitive electronics or complex manufacturing equipment, it could be facing serious potential damage from static electricity within the room or workspace. The right type of electrostatic dissipative floor can help protect equipment from this type of failure. ESD epoxy floor coatings and ESD urethane finishes provide all the benefits facilities need, including reduced static buildup, chemical-resistant surfaces, and durable finishes that stand up to long-term heavy use. How can ESD flooring systems enhance your facility?

Static Shock Prevention

As a modern manufacturing, research, healthcare or technology facility, your daily operation relies on high tech electronic equipment. Electronics can be sensitive to electrostatic discharge occurring within the room—commonly known as static shock—a situation that can jeopardize your equipment and personnel. Areas that utilize volatile liquids, explosive powders or gases present an even greater risk. While facilities can take extensive preventive measures, such as having employees wear static-resistant clothing or planning an optimized layout, ultimately, these can prove to be insufficient. Just one static discharge event, such as an arc flash, can be incredibly dangerous and costly. To reduce the likelihood of such occurrences, many facilities utilize ESD flooring programs to safely dissipate electrostatic charges to ground. ESD flooring provides assurance against static episodes that can compromise the proper functioning of expensive devices, help keep equipment functioning as needed, prevent system breakdowns, and support employee safety.

Additional Benefits of Conductive & ESD Epoxy Flooring

Like other epoxy and urethane floor coatings, ESD floor systems provide an array of additional benefits that other floors cannot. As with many quality urethane or epoxy floor coatings, carefully selected resinous ESD floors can withstand spilled chemicals and harsh abrasions. The seamless design of well-installed urethane and epoxy ESD floors prevents the problem of grout lines harboring dirt and bacteria.  Well-engineered products require no special waxes or cleaners to maintain their exceptionally reliable static dissipative properties over time.  Moreover, the best ESD flooring can be customized to your specific facility needs.  For instance, these high performance flooring systems are available with antimicrobial protection, as well as waterproofing or moisture-mitigating underlayments.

Facilities that Benefit from ESD Flooring

While manufacturing plants, including ones that produce automotive equipment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, avionics and more, commonly utilize conductive or ESD epoxy floors and urethane finishes, many other facilities also rely on this type of flooring. For example, healthcare clinics and hospitals house a vast array of sensitive machinery and electronic equipment, requiring optimal flooring that safely dissipates electrostatic charges from the space. Control rooms and other areas that house complex computer systems profit from a similar design approach, with static control flooring in place of standard floor coverings that could otherwise contribute to system failures. Oil and chemical production, laser technology, food production, pharmaceutical processing areas and many other operations benefit from the anti-static properties of ESD floor systems.

Choosing Your ESD Floor Care System

After you’ve decided on a seamless, fluid-applied ESD floor coating for your facility, contact a certified epoxy flooring specialist. He or she will have the expertise to determine which areas of your facility need which types of resinous ESD flooring and will be able to answer any other questions you may have about epoxy and urethane floor finishes. Your specialist will also be able to recommend an approved, local installation team for your ESD floor care system.

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