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Incorporating Metallics into Your Epoxy Flooring

If you are considering new flooring for your facility, you may have come across the new “metallic” epoxy coatings. Facility owners love these floors for their designer looks and the attractive, upscale finish they bring to any room.  Metallic epoxy floors—which typically incorporate fine, decorative pearlescent powders into the flooring surface—are desirable for more than just their appearance, however. They provide an ideal solution to the problems associated with bare concrete flooring, including concrete dusting, surface erosion and more. In contrast to unprotected concrete floors, metallic epoxy coatings create a safe surface that’s easy to clean, all while staying within your budget.  Wondering if your building should incorporate metallic epoxy coatings into its floor design? Learn more about some of the benefits of metallic flooring systems and how these epoxy coatings can work for your facility.

Benefit: Enhanced Aesthetics

Florocks Incorporating of Metallics will enhance the aesthetic valueYou want your building or facility to make a good impression on those who visit, and floor design is crucial to this positive perception. Flooring that looks outdated or dirty can instantly generate negative connotations for your operation—metallic coatings can counteract that impression. Metallic floor coatings are vivid, brilliant and visually striking—exactly what you need when you want to create a standout environment for employees and visitors alike. If your company would like to incorporate a logo or other message into your epoxy flooring, your professional installer can embed a custom design that enhances your aesthetically pleasing floor even further.

Benefit: Overall Value

The added metallics not only enhance aesthetic value but are cost effective to installWhile inherently luxurious in looks, metallic floor coatings are often more cost-effective to install and outperform other popular options, such as acid-stained or polished concrete. For you, this means you can incorporate your metallic floor coatings throughout the facility without going outside your budget. Epoxy floor coatings are also a sound investment for their durability. Because epoxy floors last well into the future, you won’t have to worry about frequent resurfacing—which is crucial for businesses that do not wish to allocate funds for new flooring year after year.

Benefit: Safety

metallic epoxy floors are visually appealing and skid resistant to be safe from slip and fallsSafety is a top priority in your facility, and your flooring must support this requirement.  Surprisingly, many types of flooring cannot provide the protection you need. For example, luxury vinyl and linoleum surfaces can become slick and contribute to slip-and-fall accidents. Your facility flooring must contribute to the mandated level of safety. Depending on the finish coat you select, metallic epoxy floors offer just the right skid resistance to help keep everyone in your facility safe.



Benefit: Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of floor coatings is easy as it can withstand harsh chemical cleanersEpoxy and other decorative resinous floor coatings are seamless in design, which is ideal for facilities hoping to reduce custodial costs. Maintenance workers can easily care for epoxy floors with a mop and bucket or standard floor scrubbers, without the need for waxing or stripping. These flooring systems can also handle harsher chemical cleaners if required.

Applications for Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Thanks to metallic epoxy floor coatings’ attractive and beneficial qualities, it allows it to be used in a variety of commercial and institutional applications, including: offices, bars, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, parking garages, schools, museums, showrooms and other commonly frequented locations.

To learn more about the benefits of metallic epoxy coatings and for a free facility flooring evaluation, contact your local flooring specialist.


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