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Advantages of Using Fast-Curing Resin Floor Systems

Whether it’s constructing a new facility or rehabbing an existing commercial building, almost all projects are under severe time constraints. Fast-turnaround resinous flooring is available to make life easier for many different industries.

Epoxy flooring for protection against acids and damage meet USDA conditions and facility needs.Food & Beverage Processing

The coordination efforts and enormous organization that goes into food and beverage processing involves tight schedules and, oftentimes, 24/7 operations.  To accommodate, downtime and maintenance must be carefully managed.  Delays of any kind can have serious consequences—such as spoilage of raw materials or finished product, costly damage to reputation and revenue, not to mention consumer health concerns. Fast-curing resinous flooring can greatly help in easing this burden.

Epoxy flooring improves floors against constant pressure and foot trafficHigh-Rise Office Buildings

Heavy foot and hand-truck delivery traffic is non-stop in high-rise office buildings.  Fast-turnaround resinous floor installation is ready for traffic in less time than conventional floor coverings, improving convenience and adding to its already superlative lifecycle value.

Epoxy flooring enhances durability and safety of floorsGrocery & Retail

When every square foot must produce a profit, it can be hard to commit to extended cure times on flooring, no matter how beautiful or high performing.  A broad selection of quick turnaround resinous flooring is now available with cutting edge design, multiple safety features and unparalleled durability.

resin based Floors in health facilities would be best with anti-microbial protection



Healthcare & Medical

Fast-curing resinous flooring can be critical for healthcare and medical facility construction or refurbishment, since operating theaters, patient rooms and ER space are at a premium.  The anti-microbial protection, integral cove base and virtually seamless design of resin-based floors that are so important to infection control in healthcare structures are now available in beautiful, quick-turnaround formulations.

florock combines strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance due to the unique pressures the floors endureAviation & Transportation

Timing is what it’s all about when it comes to transportation terminals and airports, as well as truck, auto and aviation maintenance facilities.  The right fast turnaround resinous flooring provides the unique chemical and abrasion resistance, compressive strength and impact resistance needed for these demanding environments. Florock’s U.S. government-approved hangar flooring and vehicle maintenance floor systems have been installed in hundreds of facilities around the world for more than 20 years.

Fast-curing resinous flooring can repair worn out floors quickly and extend their lifespan.

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Concrete dust, potholes and cracks can all impinge upon optimal efficiency in fast-paced production environments—yet long maintenance shutdowns are a thing of the past for many businesses. Fast-curing resinous flooring can economically resurface and repair existing floors—or protect and extend the life of newly poured concrete—without the inconvenience of long cure times.  Ready for traffic and equipment installation within two hours of coating, these durable, high-performance safety floors provide unprecedented long-term value.

Fast turnaround resin floor coatings for technology occupied rooms require cleanliness at all timesScience & Technology

Electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, research labs, clean room facilities are often in operation 24 hours, seven days a week. These buildings cannot afford excessive downtime for floor coatings. Fast turnaround resin floor coatings are the best solution for these areas.

Customers are at ease with clean floors provided by fast-curing resin floor coatingsHospitality & Restaurants

Hotels, resorts, restaurants are all industries that do not have time for facilities to be down. These areas need floor installations with fast turnaround for both the front and back of the house. Fast-curing resin floor coatings are ideal for these areas.

educational facilities use resin flooring due to it fast curing time


Whether primary school or university level, the fast pace never stops in the education industry.  Being able to reduce the time needed for high traffic, high performance flooring to set and cure is crucial, which is why educational facilities common use resin flooring with a fast curing time.

durable and safe flooring is wanted for public safety


Fire & Public Safety

Areas where public safety is a top concern need flooring to match. Exceptionally durable and safe flooring that contributes to unit pride need not take overly long to install and cure. Fast-curing resin floors can achieve high performance benefits in the necessitated minimal time.

Antimicrobial, medical-grade and urine-resistant animal and veterinary flooringAnimal & Veterinary

Antimicrobial, medical-grade and urine-resistant animal and veterinary flooring can be beautiful and quick-curing.  With today’s fast turnaround resin flooring formulations, professional installers can install scratch-, stain- and chemical-resistant floors that have just the right slip-resistance for sensitive paws in record time.

Correctional Facilities

Overcrowded prison facilities have little room to spare.  During floor maintenance and repair, fast turnaround resinous floors can help reduce security concerns and inconvenience by minimizing the need to rearrange inmate living quarters.  In many cases after fast-curing resin floor installation, cell rooms can be recoated and ready for habitation within a couple of hours.

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