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Why Seamless Flooring is a Must for Healthcare

seamless flooring for healthcareThe healthcare industry is ever-growing. Some cities are building entirely new medical campuses, while others are adding on examination and operating rooms to existing structures. As the need for health care facilities continues to rise, so does the need for specific flooring that is safe and sanitary, impeding the formation of bacteria. Many healthcare services are opting to use epoxy coatings over their concrete flooring for a number of important reasons.  The seamless design of these floors has become invaluable to healthcare buildings.

Healthcare facilities focus on patients’ well-being as their first priority, so as they choose flooring, they need to consider multiple factors. Flooring must be safe, accessible and inviting for all, including patients, doctors, staff and visitors. See how seamless epoxy floor coatings meet all the flooring requirements for hospital settings.

Flooring for Aesthetics

Upon entering a healthcare facility, individuals may be feeling nervous or anxious about their visits. Attractive flooring in calming colors can help them feel more at ease and even subconsciously help alleviate their worries. To contribute to this comforting aesthetic, flooring should be stain resistant and present a visually clean environment. Epoxy floor coatings are available in a multitude of neutrals and other colors that perfectly suit healthcare design.

Flooring for Safety

No matter the type of medical facility, the health of patients is of the utmost concern. In support of this, facilities demand flooring that meets strict safety standards. Slip-resistant healthcare flooring is a must, if dangerous slip-and-fall accidents are to be prevented.

Those in healthcare know the importance of infection control. Antimicrobial flooring for health care settings must be non-porous to prevent water seepage and the ensuing mold and mildew that can result. In the same way, other liquid contaminants, such as medications and bodily fluids must not be allowed to enter the floor structure.  Professional resinous flooring contractors can install the right epoxy coating for concrete floors in a given facility.

Flooring for Long-lasting Durability

Healthcare facilities compete for patients business.  Beautiful, high performance epoxy flooring offers outstanding durability that looks great year after year.  Their low maintenance, no wax finish makes a positive impression, benefiting the reputation – as well as the custodial budget – of medical practices. Thanks to their longevity, replacement of epoxy floor coatings for concrete floors is less frequent than many other floor covering options, making them an ideal healthcare facility option.

Flooring Customized for Every Hospital

A large medical facility can seem like a maze to the first time visitor.  Multiple departments, clinics and labs make getting around complicated.  Professional installation specialists can embed easy to see way finding messages, organizational logos and traffic pathways into epoxy flooring, providing useful navigational guidance to patients and their families.

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