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New Moisture Mitigating Flooring by Florock® – Floropoxy MVT Primer

Beautiful Florock Flooring Installed by Mirage of Illinois

Beautiful Florock Flooring Installed by Mirage of Illinois

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

Floropoxy MVT Primer, the newest member of the expanding Florock® Polymer Flooring family of products, solves a complex and wide-spread commercial flooring challenge more economically than ever. When used as the prime coat over properly prepared concrete, Floropoxy MVT Primer protects high performance flooring systems from the damaging site condition known as Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) with rates up to 8 pounds per 1,000 square feet in 24 hours.

Undesirably high moisture levels can be created underneath or within a concrete floor slab in many different ways, ranging from improper concrete mix composition to a variety of site conditions. Whatever the root cause, in the presence of high moisture levels, capillary action forces MVT upward through the slab, until it reaches the flooring system at the top. Here it condenses into a high pH liquid that tends to build up, causing damage to the flooring, as well as destroying the bond between the floor topping and the substrate.

“When left unchecked, MVT-damaged floors can mean expensive remediation and facility downtime,” says Tom Lux, Florock Tech Manager. “Despite this, many MVT mitigating products were previously considered cost-prohibitive, and were employed only as needed, after expensive testing. New Floropoxy MVT Primer is a game changer, offering protection in the form of a uniquely formulated epoxy primer, priced for everyday use.”

Though no less damaging, the vast majority of MVT tends to measure in the low to moderate rates of transmission. In these situations, Floropoxy MVT Primer is a cost-effective preventative measure that offers priceless peace-of-mind. Installers and facility owners can relax, knowing that their beautiful Florock High Performance Floor is protected from the most common levels of MVT.

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