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Flooring Solutions for High-Traffic Areas

high traffic flooring solutions

Every day, floors are exposed to the elements: dirt, debris, spilled liquids and more. Still, some floors receive more traffic than others do. Those spaces that frequently have people coming and going, as well as those that must withstand harsh conditions need protective flooring to preserve their structural integrity. Epoxy floor coatings can protect concrete from intense foot traffic, as well as heavy loads, such as forklifts.

Why Floor Coatings are Essential for High-Traffic Areas

Concrete is sturdy, but it alone cannot handle the extreme wear and tear that commercial settings bring. Without a protective floor coating, concretecan become damaged or even cracked, which requires costly floor removal or repairs. A heavy-duty floor coating for these busy areas can ensure the facility continues to operate as necessary.

Ideal Floors for High-Traffic Areas

Food and beverage processing areas, like commercial kitchens, restaurants and freezers, need flooring that can withstand the ongoing traffic they bring in. Other spaces, like warehouses, also experience the same high levels of impact every day. These concrete floors need long-lasting floor coatings for protection. Many facilities use epoxy floor coatings for their durability. Cementitious urethane is also a popular floor coating, especially for areas that exhibit higher heat or extreme temperature fluctuations.

Features of Concrete Floor Coatings

Floor coatings for commercial and industrial settings need to endure significant abrasion, impact and other potentially deleterious conditions. Depending on the type of facility, epoxy or polymer floor coatings can enhance the life cycle of the concrete by protecting it from punishing conditions and heavy use.


Our concrete floor coatings are formaldehyde free and sanitary, resisting absorption of spilled liquids, chemicals or other contaminants. Florock industrial flooring and coatings meet USDA requirements and come with the option for FloroSeptic, which provides enhanced antimicrobial protection.  Moisture vapor mitigation is also available if desired.

Floor Coating Installation

In order for concrete floor coatings to perform as intended and specified, they should be installed professionally.  Trained, manufacturer-approved contractors specializing in resinous floor coating installation have the expertise to evaluate the soundness of existing and new concrete slab structures, test for moisture levels, and determine the best substrate preparation methods and possible moisture vapor mitigation requirements for individual projects.  A well-bonded, correctly installed industrial floor coating system will furnish the long usable life and outstanding lifecycle value for which they are famous.

High Traffic, Fast Turnaround

High traffic facilities are busy facilities – long downtimes are rarely an option.  Fast turnaround industrial floor coating systems are available for installation by regional teams of fluid-applied flooring specialists, helping to keep day-to-day business operations on track.

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