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Choosing Colors for Epoxy Coated Industrial Concrete Restaurant Floors

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Color can influence mood and attitudes—and it is especially known to produce useful benefits in restaurant flooring.  In order to stand out from the competition, many dining establishments choose creative interiors that feature uniquely colored flooring as part of their theme or design.  Flooring colors can also be used to delineate different areas of a venue, such as the bar, dining or even dance floor areas. When determining the right commercial or industrial floor coating system colors for a restaurant property, there are many factors to consider.

The Psychology of Colors

Colors tend to invoke particular feelings and ambience, and this is especially true for flooring, which is present throughout the room. For example, lighter, subtler colors project a sense of airiness that makes a room seem more spacious, while darker colors can create a feeling of intimacy.  Individual colors can trigger specific associations based on memory, as well. Green and blue often remind one of a previously experienced setting that was calm and serene. In the same way, browns and grays can contribute to a neutral atmosphere, while purples often remind us of luxurious environments.

Principal and Accent Colors for Floor Coatings

Some colors work better as the main focus, while others are ideal accent shades. Neutral floors give businesses more flexibility if they anticipate periodically changing the wall paint color or artwork in their restaurant. Bright colors work as a positive stimulant, though caution should be used, so as to not overwhelm. Yellow, for example, is a perfect accent, but it can be shocking as the principal color throughout a commercial or industrial concrete floor coating. Black produces a similar effect.  In certain settings, solid black colored flooring can make the room feel intimidating, yet be extremely attractive as an accent color.

Floor Color that Complements the Cuisine

While floor color should contribute to a restaurant’s theme, it can also complement the cuisine.  Warm tones are a natural match for spicy food, while cooler hues may harmonize nicely with certain seafood menus. May actually influence customers’ hunger level. Some research shows that colors like red, blue or purple, may act as appetite suppressants. Orange, on the other hand, has been shown to encourage the appetite, making it a perfect color for commercial or industrial concrete floor coatings in a variety of restaurant settings.

Creating a Mood with Flooring Systems

Once owners and managers settle on a theme for their business, they can begin thinking about color for their restaurant flooring system. Though it can be tempting to choose a color scheme based on current trends, most operations are best advised to steer clear of mere fashion.  Decision makers will want to create a color scheme that complements both their restaurant’s food, as well as its desired ambiance. With the help of carefully selected, subtly colorful flooring, owners can establish a unique identity for their restaurant. Great food served in a distinctive atmosphere, including beautiful flooring, makes for a memorable experience that keeps patrons coming back again and again.

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