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Why Choose Epoxy Over Cement Floors?

why epoxy over bare cement floorsChoosing flooring for a commercial facility can be challenging. While bare cement floors may seem like an obvious flooring option, they bring with them a set of challenges, such as the potential for costly damages. However, epoxy floor coatings can often alleviate many of the problems associated with bare cement floors.

Water and Stain Resistance

Commercial buildings are made to be used, not just admired from afar—and that means accidents can happen. Hard water or other liquids are bound to come in contact with bare cement floors, causing stains and an unsightly appearance. Epoxy-coated cement floors clean up easily and continue to look great over the long term.

Preventing Liquids from Seeping Into the Flooring

If someone does accidentally pour a liquid on a cement floor, it could be easily absorbed.

Cement has a porous surface that is vulnerable to bacteria formation, chemicals, water seepage and moisture. Epoxy floor coatings provide a protective layer that can preserve the quality of the flooring.

Other Damages

Commercial floors may incur spills, but they are also highly susceptible to more serious damages, such as from abrasive debris, heavy loads and severe impact. Carefully selected epoxy flooring provides impressive abrasion resistance, as well as the strength to withstand the impact of dropped objects and other events that could compromise the floor.


After the flooring team installs an epoxy floor coating, building owners will want maintenance to be as effortless and hassle-free as. Because of epoxy’s seamless flooring design and absence of dirt-gathering grout lines, cleaning is simplified.  And because they repel most stains, epoxy floors can make cleaning up even the biggest mess easier.  Even the risk of damage from harsh cleaners is lessened, thanks to the outstanding chemical resistance of epoxy flooring.


Business owners may initially dedicate a particular room to one function, yet over time, decide to use it for something else. Bare cement floors can only go so far. Epoxy flooring systems are adaptable, making them an ideal option for flexible spaces.  Carefully selected epoxy flooring works beautifully for a variety of applications, including retail, offices, theaters, vehicle repair garages and more.


Bare cement floors offer little variety. While some business owners may accept this, most desire a more distinctive look. Epoxy floor coatings come in a variety of standard and one-of-a-kind colors, blends and design combinations. Cement floors with the right decorative epoxy coating can help to show off any business to its best advantage.

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