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Maintaining Your Epoxy Floors

Flooring MaintenanceDoes your facility or industrial space have epoxy floor coatings? Are you aware of the proper care and maintenance procedures for your particular flooring system? Proper maintenance of epoxy floor systems is crucial. Here are just three reasons why you should not overlook proper maintenance of your floors:


If your floor has a custom industrial floor coating or decorative high performance system, the appearance of your floor is very important. From logos, special coatings and finishes, your floors impact your environment. Commercial and retail locations, in particular, count on their floors to always have a pristine appearance.

Safety & Performance

With any commercial or industrial floor, safety is an important factor. If your floor is meant to be slip-resistant, waterproof or offer static control, it’s important that the safety and performance of your floors are not compromised.

Durability & Life

Depending on the level of traffic and usage, most floors will require the occasional touch-up or recoat. However, appropriate care and upkeep will ensure your polymer flooring will last a long time. A simple, quick routine of easy maintenance can keep your no-wax, high performance floor looking showplace-new for years, saving you time and money in the long run. General Tips for Caring for Your Floor Every floor is different and requires adequate care in order to preserve its appearance, performance and life. Your professional polymer flooring installer can offer the correct method and procedures to maintain your particular flooring system. However, here are general tips on caring for your floors:


  • Sweep Your Floors Daily

Use a soft-bristled broom or mechanized sweeper to sweep your floors daily. This will remove any foreign objects and prevent safety hazards. Additionally, daily sweeping helps extend the life of your floor.

  • Wash Your Floors Weekly

Generally, weekly mopping of your floors will be sufficient to keep your floors performing and looking great. High-traffic and heavy-duty areas may require additional attention. Use a soft bristled mechanized floor scrubber if needed.

  • Clean Spills Immediately

Not only do spills present a potential safety hazard, they can be damaging to your floor depending on the substance and nature of the liquid spilled. Depending on the chemical resistance of your flooring, acids, caustics and harsh solvents can damage your floor coating and should be cleaned immediately.

  • Treat Stains Appropriately

High performance epoxy and other resinous flooring is much less likely to stain than standard floor coverings. However, if your flooring appears be stained, act sooner, rather than later.  Giving a stain time to “set” is never a good idea. The best way to treat stains is to follow instructions from your floor coating manufacturer.

  • Keep Sharp Objects Away

High performance flooring offers some of the best scratch and puncture resistance options on the market today.  Even so, depending upon the situation, the occasional scratch, cut or gouge can occur.  If at all possible, avoid sliding, dragging or rolling potentially sharp or rough items, pallets or heavy equipment across your floors to prevent cutting and gouging. If you’re a facility manager, you want to maintain the appearance of your floor as well as keep it performing its best over the long haul. These simple care tips can help you maintain the great looks and excellent value of your resinous flooring system for years to come. Not sure how to care for your particular floor? Contact your certified Florock rep for more information on flooring upkeep and maintenance.

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