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Decorative Cementitious Urethane Floor Coatings for Cooler Weather

Moisture tolerant decorative flooring that’s thermal shock resistant, seamlessly sanitary and slip-resistant is the impressive package of benefits you provide to facility customers when you install cementitious urethane floor coatings like FloroCrete SLX with Decorative Chips.  You give your clients the reliable performance properties they need, the aesthetic appeal they want, and a cure time that fits their tight schedule.

Installing Commercial Flooringat Lower Temperatures

Now that many regions are experiencing cooler temperatures, FloroCrete cementitious urethane floor coatings are more advantageous than ever.  They cure relatively quickly at room temperature.  And as we head into winter, just a touch of catalyst can bump up the cure time, when desired.

Applications for Cementitious Urethane Floor Coatings

FloroCrete SLX with Decorative Chips is ideal for any facility that favors the look of FloroChip or even terrazzo flooring, but needs the additional properties of a FloroCrete urethane mortar basecoat.  FloroCrete SLX provides moisture tolerance, thermal shock resistance, antimicrobial properties — and even MVT protection when installed as part of the FloroProof System.

Consider FloroCrete SLX cementitious urethane floor coatings with MacroChips or MicroChips for applications like:

  • Food and beverage processing areas
  • Restaurant, hospital and school kitchens
  • Correctional facility food service
  • Restrooms and locker rooms
  • Retail and hospitality
  • Sports and entertainment venues
  • Healthcare clinics, offices, foyers and hallways

These and other slab-on-grade commercial flooring installations benefit from the unique properties of the FloroCrete SLX with Decorative Chips System.

Additional Options for Cementitious Urethane Floor Coatings

In the above commercial flooring video, FloroSpartic Polyaspartic Coating is used to grout the floor after the colored chips are broadcast.  Like SLX, FloroSpartic is a good topcoat choice for cool weather.  It’s ready for foot traffic in just 1 hour in moderate temps and only slightly longer as the mercury drops.

Both FloroCrete SLX and FloroSpartic are low odor commercial flooring products that alleviate the concern for air management during installation in occupied structures.  All FloroCrete products contain FloroSeptic Antimicrobial protection.  To get a floor that inhibits pathogen growth throughout, request that FloroSeptic be added to the grout and topcoats when ordering.

Other great finish coats for cooler weather include:

  • Floropoxy 4905 Standard Cure – Faster than Floropoxy 4805, with excellent hardness
  • FloroCryl MMA – Ready for foot traffic in approximately 2 hours in moderate temps.  Like all MMAs, air/ odor management is required.

More Information about Cementitious Urethane Floor Coatings

Your regional Florock Technical Representative is available to help you decide on the best Florock commercial flooring products for your specific application.  Email today or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (1-800-356-7625) within the U.S. or at 001-773-376-7132 from outside the country to find the rep nearest you.

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