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Industrial Flooring Temperatures

The first lower seasonal temperatures can sometimes catch even the most experienced industrial flooring professional off guard.   If you live in a region with four – or even three – seasons, you’re probably starting to hear about nighttime lows at 40° – 50° F (4.5° – 10° C). Ouch!

Such weather forecasts mean it’s time to implement cold weather protocol during floor coating installations.   Tom Lux, Florock Tech Manager, suggests the following:

  • Bring industrial flooring products indoors when you leave for the day
  • Do not allow concrete coating liquids to remain in a cold vehicle overnight

During mixing and installation, stay alert to any signs of cold product, such as:

  • Liquids appearing thicker than normal in the can
  • An installed floor curing slower than normal

It’s always good practice to measure the temperature of industrial flooring liquids prior to mixing – but for many areas of the Northern Hemisphere, it becomes especially important from the month of September forward.   It’s never been easier, thanks to the laser temperature guns that are now the norm in our industry.  The instruments offer great accuracy and easy point-and-shoot technology, and are available online or at most hardware stores.

At this time of year, it’s the liquid product itself that is most vulnerable. However, as the season progresses, concrete floors cool down, such that indoor slab temperatures also become critical.   When slab and air temperatures cannot be brought up to a minimum of 55° F (approx. 13° C), our faster curing polyaspartic and MMA resinous flooring can help.

The following products exhibit very quick cure times at 70° F (21° C), and demonstrate a more “standard” cure, as slab and air temperatures drop:

FloroSpartic  Polyaspartic Midcoat and Topcoat

FloroCryl MMA Systems:

    • FloroCryl SL  – Self Leveling
    • FloroCryl Shop – Sand Broadcast
    • FloroCryl Quartz – Colored Quartz Broadcast
    • FloroCryl Chip – Colored Chip Broadcast
    • FloroCryl Deck – Elastomeric Deck, Underlayment and Joint Filler
    • FloroCryl Build – Trowelable Graded Aggregate Mortar

Whether you’re installing a decorative colored chip or quartz commercial floor, or a more utilitarian looking, solid-colored system, cooler temps need not stop you. And of course, slip-resistance must be part of every concrete flooring application.

Your regional Florock Technical Representative is available to help you decide on the best Florock products and installation strategy for your specific cooler temperature application.  To find the rep nearest you, please email us or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (1-800-356-7625) within the U.S. or at 001-773-376-7132 from outside the country.  We’re here to help!

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