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Rollers for Thin Film Floor Coatings

Thin film high performance floor coatings have always required extra attention when it comes to roller selection.   Now that very low V.O.C. paint finishes have become the norm, the topic is even more important

Ultra high solids topcoats, like record-selling FloroWear 7100, install easily using a solvent-resistant, medium nap roller at 500 – 525 sq.ft./gal.   The result is a beautifully consistent application of 2.9 – 3.0 mils WFT.

On the other hand, using “high capacity” rollers to install thin film concrete coatings can steer an otherwise profitable industrial flooring project into the red.  Their densely napped surfaces are designed to hold more paint than standard medium nap rollers.  During installation of very thin film urethanes, the additional material can get squeezed out at the roller’s edge.  Even an experienced installer can end up with a deposition of up to 5.0 mils WFT in overlap areas.   The result?  Roller lines and candy striping in the finished floor.

With FloroWear 7100, the fine aluminum oxide content responsible for this coating’s superior abrasion resistance can make it a bit more sensitive to deposition concerns.  However, any thin film topcoat is vulnerable to “high capacity” roller issues.

Should you notice roller lines developing during installation of FloroWear 7100Florothane MC Ultra 100, FloroSpartic Zero or even Florothane CR 250, it would be best to immediately switch to a lower capacity roller, available at most hardware stores.

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