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FloroCrete Industrial Flooring – Packaging Improvements

The FloroCrete Urethane Concrete line is comprised of several high performance flooring products.  FloroCrete RT Rake/ Trowel System & FloroCrete HD Heavy Duty Trowel System are 2 of the most popular.

FloroCrete RT Component C

The Part C Components for these different systems are packaged in similar looking bags.  Though identified with text, the bags were hard to tell apart without carefully reading the label.

Some of you asked that the bags be boldly marked for faster differentiation.  Your wish is our command!

Packages of FloroCrete RT Component C now display large RED DOTS.

FloroCrete HD Component C

Bags of FloroCrete HD Component C are easily discernible by their large GREEN DOTS. 

So, when you and your crew are in a hurry (and who isn’t these days?), you can quickly see what FloroCrete aggregates you have in stock.


And remember, FloroCrete is ideal –

So thank you, Florock Installers, for initiating another useful product line improvement.

We appreciate your loyal business.  Please keep those great ideas coming!

To find the Florock Rep. nearest you, simply email us or call 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) or 773-376-7132.

FloroCrete Commercial Kitchen Floor

FloroCrete Commercial Kitchen Floor

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