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Introducing FloroTallic

FloroTallic Night Grey
with Striping
Expertly Installed by
Fuller Ind., TN

Watch out, decorative “stained concrete”, there’s a better floor in town!  Meet the latest Florock high performance innovation:  The FloroTallic System.

Like popular “acid-stained concrete”, this new flooring provides a desirable multi-hued, dappled look.  But, that’s where the similarity ends!

FloroTallic, as Compared to “Stained Concrete” . . .

  •  Provides Superior Performance
      • Choice of Florock resin systems to suit facility/ application
      • Chemical & stain-resistant, durable & abrasion-resistant
      • Protects & extends life of concrete slab
      • FloroSeptic Anti-Microbial Properties upon request
  •  Can Improve Facility & Environmental Safety
      • Many skid-resistance options
      • Choice of striping and markings
      • Impervious finish prevents chemicals from leaching through slab into surrounding environment
  • Offers More Predictable Installation Results
      • Covers, rather than emphasizes, patched concrete
      • Conceals, rather than highlights, porous areas
  • Has Equal or Better Installed Pricing
  • And Lower Overall Maintenance Costs
      • Requires NO waxing or re-polishing

FloroTallic is currently available in 8 standard colors.  Gloss or satin finishes are easily achieved with a variety of Florock topcoats.   Back-rolling skid-resistant glass beads, “sharkskin”, or fine white aluminum oxide into finish coat is recommended.

So, expand your market share — increase your profits!   Ask your local Florock Rep about FloroTallic, email us or call 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) to learn more.

Ocean Blue – Nite Grey – Copper Mine – Silver Grey
Red Wine – Earth Green – Brown Earth – Shadow Grey

FloroTallic - Expertly Installed by Fuller Industries, TN

Florock FloroTallic – Expertly Installed by Fuller Industries, TN

Copper Mine and Red Wine

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