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FloroChip “Mica” – a Sparkling Answer for Large Retail Floors

Changes in the economy have meant fewer brick-and-mortar bookstores for some communities.  Not so in Tennessee, where the privately-owned chain, McKay Used Books, CD’s, Movies, & More, recently opened their new Nashville store.  The location boasts an “eco-friendly parking lot”, along with the largest ever Florock® FloroChip “Mica” Flooring System.  The 2-story, 21,000 sq. ft. floor was expertly installed by Russ Fuller and his team of experienced professionals at Fuller Industries, Inc.

Open to the public since mid-March, the innovative new store and its decorative, durable and easy-to-clean floors are attracting attention. FloroChip “Mica” incorporates tasteful light-reflective elements in its colored chip blend, closely imitating the appearance of its much more expensive cousin, terrazzo.  Just look at these beautiful surfaces!

How’d they do it?  After preparing the concrete floors, Fuller and crew applied 100% solids Floropoxy 4700 pigmented primer and a basecoat of Zero V.O.C. Floropoxy 4805 Clear.   “Mica” Blend #5001 ¼” FloroChips were broadcast fully into the wet basecoat, followed by a grout coat of Clear 4805.  Two finish coats of low V.O.C. Florothane CR 250 provided extra chemical and abrasion resistance, while white aluminum oxide grit added mild skid-resistance.

The heavy plywood lavatory walls received a similar treatment, using a finer 1/8” FloroChip blend.  The artfully installed 4” cove base provides additional cleanability and hygiene.  McKay now has safe, sanitary and absolutely stunning floors and walls as a backdrop to their growing Nashville business.  Best of all, by employing low emissions, long-use materials like Florock, they can continue their operation as an environmentally-friendly member of the community.

Our thanks go out to Russ Fuller and his team for using Florock®Congratulations on a great job!

Interested in learning more about FloroChip “Mica” or our other systems?  Simply email us or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625).  We look forward to hearing from you.

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