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The “Ask a Flooring Question” Challenge!

Do you have a question about industrial flooring?  Any question at all?

Maybe you want to know if different materials, like FloroCrete Urethane Concrete and FloroQuartz Epoxy Quartz floors, can be installed in layers over a single substrate?  Perhaps you’re looking for a solution to the MVT (Moisture Vapor Transmission) in that floor you just surveyed?  Or maybe you just need the ETA on your order.

At Florock, we’re ready to talk about whatever’s on your mind!

However, we do have one very strict rule:  No voice mail allowed.

If you call Florock headquarters during office hours, we simply cannot accommodate you with a recorded robot instructing you to leave a message.   A real human being will come on the phone, listen to your question or concerns, and do their best to assist you.

If you insist on speaking to a machine, you’ll have to look elsewhere.  But, if you need an answer now, who ya’ gonna call?

Take the challenge – phone us with your flooring question at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625)!  Our capable Customer Service and Technical Service Professionals are here to help!

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