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Save the Environment, Get LEED’s, for Less!

Construction Managers, Architects and Designers can earn USGBC LEED qualifications quickly and easily, by incorporating EcoBlend Systems high performance aggregate blends into their flooring projects.  With a recycled glass content of 25-33%, EcoBlend adds even more “green appeal” to Florock’s Zero V.O.C. and low emissions commercial flooring.  Available in grades suitable for trowel or broadcast installations, EcoBlend lends itself for use in a range of applications, from highly decorative FloroQuartz and FloroCryl floors, to heavy-duty FloroShop and FloroCrete Systems.

Hard-working, aesthetically versatile EcoBlend flooring fulfills today’s Sustainable Design mandate.  Exceptionally durable and long-lasting, this aggregate-filled floor requires less frequent replacement than typical commercial surfaces, decreasing the amount of material sent to landfills over time.  And because EcoBlend and other Florock Systems can help refurbish many existing floor slabs, the need for new concrete pours can often be alleviated.  At the same time, the company offers recyclable, earth-friendlier packaging options that help reduce waste.

In contrast to many environmentally safer products, EcoBlend is priced the same as standard (non-recycled) quartz aggregates, assisting not only in achieving LEED Certification, but also in easing the project’s budget.  Now there’s no excuse for not “going green”, when it comes to resinous flooring!

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