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Celebrate the New Year with 2011 Pricing

It’s 2012 and change is in the air.  Everywhere, except when it comes to Florock pricing!  After taking inventory this week, Florock will reopen with the 2011 Price List intact for the coming year.

There’s talk of inflation, and industrial materials are certainly no exception.  So what’s Florock doing right?

“We try to maintain great relationships with our suppliers,” says Walter Szczerski, Florock Purchasing Manager. “We’re constantly negotiating the best deal and we take control of costs wherever possible.”

Buying in bulk, utilizing early payment discounts, maintaining carefully vetted backups for all suppliers, and assuming responsibility for inbound freight… It’s a delicate balancing act that pays off.

“It also helps to work closely with the Warehouse and Production Departments.  Timing is everything in this business,” explains Szczerski, who can be seen daily walking the raw material and finished goods warehouses, as well as the Florock factory floor.

The end result?  Florock Industrial Flooring prices remain competitive across the marketplace — at 2011 levels.

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