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It’s Cold! Do You Know Where Your Epoxy’s Been?

It’s a frosty cold 29° F outside and a toasty 70° F inside the facility, where your crew is preparing to install epoxy flooring.  You’ve shot-blasted the concrete floor substrate and completed proper concrete crack repair.  The FloroGel concrete refinishing patch material is cured dry enough to coat.  Aaah… Finally, a day that seems to be going according to schedule!

So you head for the area where your Floropoxy epoxy paint components were stored — and they’re missing.

“Uh, yeah, Bob needed the space last night, so he moved your stuff.”  The employee points to your pallets, now next to the open dock door, the most exposed spot in the plant.  You’re suddenly dealing with installation of cold epoxy floor coating material.  What to do?

Luckily, your Florock Rep advised you well:  You always stock up on U-12 Epoxy Accelerator, before winter temperatures hit.  Adding up to 4 ounces of U-12 Accelerator per gallon of Florock 100% solids epoxy coating (depending on temperatures and cure times) will help ensure that the prime coat cures properly.

If the liquids are warm enough by tomorrow, you can forego the Accelerator for the remainder of the project.  And, since U-12 will amber topcoats, it’s best not to add it to the finish coat.

You’ll make sure your “stuff” stays cozy and warm tonight.  In the meantime, you can relax – you’re back on schedule!

Need more cold weather industrial flooring ideas?  Ask about FloroCryl and FloroSpartic concrete flooring, as well as U-12 Epoxy Accelerator.  Simply email or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625).

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