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The No. 1 Choice for Food Plant Floors

Ever wonder how all that tasty Halloween candy gets made?  On food plant floors throughout the country, thousands of tons of sugar, oils and flavors get processed into seasonal treats every year.  Each company’s recipes are top secret – but, not their industrial floors.  Cementitious urethane, like Florock FloroCrete, is the food industry’s number one choice in concrete flooring.

It takes a special kind of floor coating to withstand the harsh conditions of food processing.  Standard epoxy coatings simply can’t hold up under the constant exposure to acidic sugars and fats, harsh sanitizing chemicals, and the thermal shock of steam cleaning.

A commercial kitchen floor or food plant floor with cracks and deterioration is considered unsafe and unhygienic.  Government inspectors can impose fines — or even a shutdown — until corrections are made.  The durability and unique high performance properties of cementitious urethane concrete floor refinishing can keep the threat at bay.

So next time you raid the kids’ sugary stash, remember what unlikely “ingredients” helped make that sweet bite possible – FloroCrete concrete resurfacing!

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