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What’s So Great about Green Industrial Flooring?

Decorative FloroQuartz with EcoBlend Blue (top) and Brown (bottom)

Green, ecofriendly industrial flooring is more than just a great way to earn LEED points for your building project.  Installing a recycled glass content epoxy floor is part of a global effort to improve the environment.  Consider these facts from the EPA*:

  • Americans generated 11.8 million tons of glass in the municipal solid waste (MSW) stream in 2009.
  • About 26 percent of the glass was recovered for recycling.
  • Glass recycling increased from 750,000 tons in 1980 to more than 3,000,000 tons in 2009.
  • Food, soft drink, beer, food, wine, and liquor containers represent the largest source of glass generated and recycled.
  • Glass in durable goods, such as furniture, appliances, and especially consumer electronics, round out the sources of postconsumer glass.

Durable, Skid Resistant FloroShop with EcoBlend Brown

Sustainable concrete resurfacing, such as Florock’s FloroShop and FloroQuartz Systems with EcoBlend recycled glass aggregate blends, is a great way to support the positive trend in material reuse.

And, by letting your employees, customers and shareholders know about your eco-friendly concrete floor paint installation, you stand out above the competition.  Not only do you get an attractive, skid-resistant, high performance concrete floor covering, you build company pride and community goodwill.  Talk about great value!

Learn more about Florock’s green commercial flooring options — simply email us or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625).

Sustainable EcoBlend Recycled Glass Components, Blue and Brown


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