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Supporting Small Business in Concrete Floors

As the protests against Wall Street and other symbols of “big business” continue around the globe, we can all support small business with our wallets, even when selecting a concrete floor.  Crawford Laboratories, Inc., manufacturer of Florock Industrial Flooring, is a second-generation family-owned business located in a Chicago neighborhood.  Despite the many buyouts and mergers in the epoxy paint and coatings industry over the last few years, Florock continues to stand strong as a growing, independent manufacturer of commercial flooring.

Does that mean fewer technical resources than the big conglomerates?  No way!  In fact, maintaining a strict focus on high performance concrete coatings is a huge advantage – our specialized expertise grows every day.  We are now proud to offer one of the broadest, deepest and most innovative concrete resurfacing product lines on the market.

Florock is home to some of the best talent and experience in the commercial flooring world.  Supported by our full scale R&D and QC laboratories, modern concrete sealer manufacturing equipment, top-notch packaging department, and the caring and dedicated customer service team, Florock field reps and technicians are second to none.

Let’s face it:  You don’t stay in business for 60 years without making customers happy!  That’s our goal and our passionEmail us or call 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) to learn more!

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