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Aviation History – Hangar Floor Coatings

Farman BiplaneOne hundred (100) years ago in aviation history, on September 1, 1911, a world record was set by Frenchman, Alexandre Fourny (Fourney), who flew a Maurice Farman biplane from Buc, France, to a distance of 720 km (447.4 miles).*  Could Aviator Fourny have imagined today’s aircraft — the size, the distances, the hangars required?

Florock Floor Coatings have been part of aviation history for nearly 60 of those 100 years.  A pioneer in resin floors technology, Crawford Labs’ Florock Chemical Resistant Urethane (CRU) was one of the first commercially available hangar floor painting systems. There have been product improvements over the years, as evidenced by today’s high solids, low V.O.C. formulations.  Yet, Crawford Labs/ Florock remains the only brand continuously listed as approved by the U.S. Military for use on air hangar concrete floors, since the program’s beginning.

Florothane CR, the latest generation of Florock CRU, not only protects concrete flooring from the ravages of aviation fuel and fluids, its highly cross-linked industrial flooring finish resists staining from hot rubber tires, while slip-resistant options help keep workers safe.  Conveniently field tintable with Florock Colorants, Florothane CR makes floor markings and creative design a snap.  Plus, the exceptionally glossy, light reflective concrete coating improves visibility and safety without additional lighting – talk about eco-value!

Florock Florothane CR ESD electrostatic dissipative industrial floor coating even helps safeguard sensitive avionics equipment, as well as personnel, from the dangers of static discharge.

Just like the aviation heroes of the past, Florock is breaking records every day – with innovative new self-leveling concrete systems, recycled content materials and greener packaging!  To learn more, please email us or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625). We’re here to help.Florock Florothane CR Flooring


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