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Out on the Floor – Where Would You Rather Work?

If you work in an industrial plant or warehouse, you know there’s no end to safety concerns out on the floor.  With everyone buzzing around in different directions, sometimes a traffic cop would be helpful!

Thanks to tall shelves or machinery, even the best overhead lighting can fall short – especially when the concrete floor remains uncoated.  Bare concrete flooring absorbs light, rendering a facility darker than it needs to be.   A dim workplace impacts employee safety and effectiveness.  And a dull, dreary space can even impair mood and motivation.

Installing reflective industrial flooring can go a long way in brightening the work environment.  And it provides great bang for the buck.  Clearly defined aisleways help keep forklift drivers on track — and pedestrians safe.   Added bonus:  Increased lumens produced by glossy epoxy floor coatings can mean savings on the lighting bill.

Afterall, where would you rather work?

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