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Achieving the Sweet Spot with Concrete Resurfacing

Finding just the right method for mixing high performance concrete resurfacing can be a challenge.  Sure, industrial flooring like FloroCrete Urethane Mortar is indispensable for applications like commercial kitchen floors and wet processing areas.  After all, how would food plants steam clean their floors without it?

Yet, there’s no doubt that working with heavy duty mortars is a specialized skill.  Tom Lux, Florock Technical Representative in the field, has seen it all.  “Urethane mortar can be very humbling, even for contractors experienced with epoxy floor coating and decorative concrete installation,” says Lux.  “Paying special attention to mixing time can make all the difference.”

Why so?  Tom Lux explains that mixing for too short of a time can prevent the proper blending of ingredients.  Pockets of unincorporated powders can then create outgassing bubbles during cure.  On the other hand, over-mixing shortens pot life and steals from application time.

So, where’s the “sweet spot”?  Lux recommends mixing FloroCrete liquids for 30 seconds, then mixing for 2 minutes with powders. This provides for appropriate blending, while allowing time to resurface the concrete floor with relative ease.

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