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5 Safety Perks of Decorative Concrete Floors

Facility safety can play a huge role when choosing new decorative concrete floors.  Here are five contributions that concrete resurfacing can make to your company’s overall program:

  1. Better Skid-Resistance – Concrete sealer systems offer a variety of skid-resistant finishes that can be easily tailored to the requirements of any given area of floor paint. No other indoor surface offers so much flexibility.
  2. Easier Sanitation & Hygiene – Seamless by nature, floor coatings give germs nowhere to hide. And high performance industrial flooring resists deterioration from harsh cleaning chemicals and higher temperatures. FloroCrete Urethane Concrete even withstands the repeated steam cleaning required of food plant floors.
  3. Improved Air Quality – Industrial floor coatings prevent concrete dusting.  Minimizing airborne particulate can make for easier breathing and reduces stress on air filtering devices.
  4. Dissipated Electrostatic Discharge – Special industrial concrete flooring, such as Floropoxy ESD, Floropoxy Conductive and Florothane ESD, help safeguard personnel and sensitive equipment from the dangers of static electricity.
  5. Heightened Illumination — Reflective industrial floor coverings increase lumens, improving visibility – even for those working among tall warehouse shelves or under large machinery.  Added bonus: A reduced need for more lighting can mean lower electric bills!

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