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Top 5 HOT Industrial Flooring Tips


It’s HOT – So, if you’re lucky, your industrial flooring job is air-conditioned.  But, what if there’s no A/C?

Check out these best practices for installation of epoxy flooring in hot, humid weather:

  1. Read all floor painting product data sheets and labels carefully.  Be sure to note allowable temperature/ humidity ranges and abide by them.
  2. Always store concrete painting materials in a cool location.  Keep epoxy floor paint components cool until the last minute before application.
  3. Use bags of ice to keep pails of concrete floor paint from overheating throughout the workday.
  4. Schedule nighttime installation of commercial flooring, when temperatures are cooler.  At the same time, keep a close eye on dew points at night.  For many types of industrial floor paint, application and curing in temps within 5° F of the dew point can result in surface anomalies.
  5. Keep a record of ambient air and floor temperatures throughout the job.  If either the air or floor temp approaches 90° F, pause the concrete refinishing project at the next floor joint and resume the next day.  It’s better to waste a partial bucket of blended floor paint than have to scrape off the poorly cured floor coating later!

The best tip of all?  When the weather map looks like this, reschedule!  Your crew and your epoxy floor materials will perform better when it coools off!

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