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A Concrete Floor Nightmare? See Your Dream Solution!

Trying to repair a badly eroded concrete floor within budget can be a nightmare.

Ordinary cement is inexpensive, but simply won’t hold up at the ¼ – ½” thickness needed for concrete resurfacing.  And the attractive epoxy floor coating the boss requested, installed at that thickness, will get you tossed out of the Accounting office.

If only you could find an economical, decorative concrete resurfacing system… And heck, as long as you’re dreaming – one that would earn green flooring points with the environmental folks!

When it comes to industrial flooring, NEW Florock Acrylic Polymer Additive is proving that dreams really do come true.  Replacing water in Portland Cement, the additive imparts extraordinary strength and durability to thinner applications.  A budget-pleasing concrete resurfacing product, Acrylic Polymer Additive is ideal under decorative floor coatings.  And because the bulk of the mortar is locally furnished, it even qualifies for LEED credits!

See the hands-on demonstration:

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