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Your Commercial Flooring Life Just Got Easier

When you’re not busy installing commercial flooring, you’re out beating the pavement, setting up the next epoxy flooring job.  One of the most versatile floor coatings, as well as the most popular among facility owners, is the FloroQuartz System (talk about high performance design possibilities!).

Getting a building owner interested in this attractive industrial flooring, with its multi-colored quartz aggregate and clear epoxy paint, has always been easy.  The hard part was leaving the customer with a good representation of the decorative concrete until your next visit.

Cured concrete epoxy samples are indispensable.  Yet thick, heavy samples can be cumbersome, especially when materials must be passed to multiple decision makers within large companies. And epoxy floor brochures never quite captured the color and detail properly – until now.


Meet your new FloroQuartz decorative concrete floor brochure! The digital images of 7 standard colored quartz blends have the highest level of clarity and true-to-life quality of any floor coating photos we’ve seen.  The online sell sheet has also been upgraded.  So, feel free to refer your customers to the Florock website. Then, distribute the new concrete resurfacing handouts with confidence.  Your life just got a little easier!

Order your free FloroQuartz brochures via email or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625). If you need commercial floor coatings, call us.

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