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Tools Only an Epoxy Flooring Installer Could Love

In order for epoxy flooring to be correctly installed, special tools are required. While a good professional will keep the usual painting tools in their truck, such as various brushes, buckets, pans and edge tape, they’ll also have on hand some tools specifically for refinishing concrete floors that might have the average painting contractor scratching their head.

18” Wide Notched Rubber Squeegees

Think rubber squeegees are just for cleaning car windows? Think again! Epoxy flooring specialists use an 18-inch wide, notched rubber squeegee to apply floor coatings in a variety of facilities. The size of the notches, as well as the pressure applied by the user, determines the deposition of higher viscosity floor coatings used in resurfacing concrete.

18-22” Wide Rollers

A six-inch roller just won’t do the trick when the job involves coating 80,000 square feet of concrete floor. Instead, installers typically use rollers that are 18 to 22 inches wide to facilitate the application of epoxy floor coating, allowing for precision even in large spaces.

Metal Spike Golf Shoes

Walking across wet self-leveling concrete flooring in these precarious shoes takes practice.  However, it’s worth it, since the small voids made by the cleats tend to close up quickly, facilitating a smooth cure in the concrete sealer. The result is a beautiful, consistent epoxy coating surface.


Porcupine Rollers

Used to back-roll over wet epoxy floors, a porcupine roller’s “needles” release air bubbles that may be trapped in thick epoxy paint materials. This helps guarantee that the floor coating cures with an even finish that will last for years to come.


Spreading skid-resistant grit uniformly over a large commercial floor takes a bit of finesse, and this ingenious machine helps flooring specialists broadcast slip-resistant additive evenly over the wet floor surface.  This helps ensure that the cured flooring system provides optimal safety to end users.

The Importance of Professional Epoxy Installers

Resinous flooring specialists may have seemingly eccentric and somewhat bizarre-sounding techniques and tools for applying epoxy floor coatings, but they take their profession very seriously. For those considering epoxy flooring for their facility, a manufacturer-approved professional installer provides unparalleled, long-term value.  These experienced technicians are highly-skilled craftsmen who understand the incredibly broad spectrum of materials available and the wide range of techniques needed to create beautiful commercial and industrial floor surfaces that can successfully perform in some of the toughest environments.

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