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Commercial Flooring – What’s IN? What’s OUT?

What’s IN and what’s OUT in commercial flooring?  Stay current with the latest trends!

OUT — Bare Concrete Floors. Without resurfacing, concrete floors begin to break down, creating unsanitary dust. Unsealed concrete flooring is porous, allowing chemicals to leach through to soil and groundwater.

IN — Industrial Floor Coatings. Epoxy coatings protect the concrete floor from degradation and prevent dust formation.  At the same time, chemical resistant resin floors stop dangerous toxins from soaking through the slab.


OUT – Safety Hazards. Polished concrete or stained concrete, as well as commercial floor tile, can get extremely slippery.  The prevention of slip and fall accidents is a top priority for many facilities.

IN – Safety First. Concrete floor paint offers unparalleled options in skid-resistance that can be customized according to room function and activity.


OUT – Offshore Production. The majority of commercial floor materials are made overseas.  Many U.S. producers of industrial floors have moved their production elsewhere, taking their American jobs with them.

IN – Made in U.S.A. Florock epoxy paint and concrete resurfacing products have been made in the U.S.A. for nearly 60 years.   It’s American-made quality you can trust.

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