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Your New Industrial Flooring

You finally got the new industrial flooring you wanted!  First, there’s the glossy grey anti slip floor epoxy in the warehouse — the light reflectance makes visibility under the racks so much easier for the crew.   Next, the loading docks and wet processing areas got the urethane heavy duty mortar.  No more potholes!

Then there’s the decorative concrete in the offices:  Colored chips embedded in pigmented epoxy floor paint with a clear epoxy coating on top.  It changes the entire atmosphere – even paperwork is easier now!  Finally, the locker room received the blended colored quartz epoxy flooring. It’s quite a change from that moldy old tile!

Now… how to keep the concrete resurfacing looking great?

Sweeping is the first line of defense, according to industrial floor coating experts.  Use a broom, dust mop or floor sweeper at least once a day in light traffic areas – more often where there’s heavier dirt deposition.  Remember, despite being very dense, resin floors can still be susceptible to ground-in soil, especially when grit or gravel is present.

The second step involves cleaning the concrete floors in accordance with the level and type of contaminant present, as well as taking the composition of the floor coatings into consideration.  The glossy concrete sealers in the warehouse, office and locker room can all be treated similarly.  Use a mop or an automatic floor scrubber with surfactant-type cleaner to remove the day-to-day dirt from the decorative concrete.  Clear water rinsing, followed by a soft neoprene squeegee or wet vacuum, allows the concrete paint finish to shine.

The loading docks, however, can occasionally get slippery from grease and oil, no matter how skid-resistant the floor coating.  And the wet processing area never dries – it can become a moldy mess almost overnight.  These industrial floors need steam cleaning.  Luckily, the new urethane mortar concrete resurfacing is made to withstand extreme thermal cycling.  Now those areas can be maintained properly and will provide a safe concrete floor surface for years to come.

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