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Top 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Industrial Flooring


Get the most out of your industrial flooring investment with these top 5 common sense tips:

1.       Choose the right product. Sound simple? You might be surprised how often busy facility managers end up with floor coatings that are sub-optimal for their needs – and costlier than necessary.  Let a professional concrete floor coating Factory Rep survey your facility in detail before advising you.  And, make sure their manufacturer offers a full line of commercial flooring products that includes many different polymer technologies.   One size does not fit all.

2.       Think “foundationally”. A friend once asked me if his severely crumbling concrete staircase would benefit from an industrial coating.  My reply:  “Sure – if you like rock climbing”.   In other words, the staircase was destined to turn into rubble, and no concrete sealer could change that.  Industrial flooring is only as good as its foundation, that is, the substrate to which it’s applied.  Does the slab have to be perfect?  Certainly not.  Concrete crack repair and patching are often needed before coating application.  However, the slab must be sound.  How can you tell the condition of your concrete floors?  It takes a little science and a lot of experience.  Once again, good professional advice is the key.

3.       Check the prep. Preparation of the concrete floor slab is arguably the most important part of the job.  Make sure you understand what your industrial flooring supplier recommends – then check that it’s included in your Installer’s proposal.Industrial Floor Coating

4.       Allow proper cure time. Once your floor paint is installed and seems dry, the pressure will be on to open the floor to traffic.  Don’t give in!  Let your crew and boss know they’ll be jeopardizing the floor’s functionality by pushing the clock.  Instead, make sure you’ve scheduled the recommended downtime to allow your new industrial floor coating to fully cure.  If you anticipate that this will be an issue, ask your Rep about one of the new faster curing concrete resurfacing options.

5.       Treat ‘er right. Request a maintenance manual for your new floor coatings.  Set up a cleaning schedule in accordance with the recommendations and stick to it.  With proper upkeep, your industrial floors will provide years of service!

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