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Facility Downtime – New Floor Slab vs. Concrete Resurfacer

Facility managers never have to look out the window to know it’s Spring – they can just walk across their uneven concrete floors and know what season it is.  As many parts of the country thaw out from a brutal winter, dramatic changes in ground temperature, combined with heavy industrial traffic, cause cement floors to shift, crack and spall.

Some facilities will catch those small cracks and degraded areas early.  Timely installation of a few industrial flooring patch kits can do the trick over the short term.  However, there comes a day in the life of nearly every facility, when the entire concrete floor needs attention.  At that point, decisions are required.  But, what’s better for the bottom line – resurfacing the existing concrete or replacing the entire floor slab?

Every commercial concrete floor is different in its overall structure, general condition and environment.  And floor repair and replacement costs vary greatly depending on location.  Yet common to all is the concern over the real cost of plant maintenance — that is, lost production hours. How long will the facility be offline?

Industrial Floor CoatingRemoval of an existing slab and the pouring of a new concrete floor can, of course, take weeks.  But it is the curing of the floor to a point sufficient to bear normal industrial facility traffic that can add on the days.  And if, due to very heavy loads or chemical exposures, the new concrete requires industrial coatings, the wait could be further extended.  Despite the prescribed “28 day cure prior to coating”, many freshly poured slabs take much longer before they are ready for toppings.

Fortunately, advancements in material science now mean the majority of existing concrete slabs can be repaired — only floors determined to be truly structurally unsound need be removed.  Innovative polymer concrete resurfacing options abound, offering unprecedented versatility, strength and durability.  New faster curing products help lower labor costs and, compared to whole slab replacement, offer minimal facility downtime.

So who wins the “new floor slab vs. concrete resurfacer” contest?   For many facilities, high performance industrial floor resurfacing offers the best concrete repair value.

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