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Food and Beverage Industry – Eco Friendly Concrete Flooring

Food Processing FlooringInspectors are just a few of the friendly visitors who pay attention to the concrete flooring in food and beverage facilities.

What are they looking for?  First and foremost:  Sanitary industrial flooring conditions. As the manager of any bottling, frozen foods or commercial bakery operation will tell you, the tiniest opportunity for microorganism growth is enough to raise an inspection officer’s eyebrow.  And floor coatings with seams or cracks is the best way to get the inspector’s pen moving rapidly across their clipboard — ticking off one violation after another!

Proper Cove JointProper coving at wall joints is another major concrete floor coating concern.  Without this, contaminated water could gather in the joints during cleaning, resulting in mold and fungi issues.

A food or beverage processing facility typically requires a variety of concrete resurfacing materials.  The dry storage room may be well served by a skid-resistant Floropoxy epoxy coating – exceptionally durable, with good hardness and resistance to harsh chemical cleaners.  For extra protection, Floroseptic antimicrobial concrete floors are available in a variety of industrial and decorative finishes.

Steam Table FlooringOther floors within the facility, such as wet processing rooms, fry cook areas, or freezers that get regularly steam cleaned may demand the extra heavy duty performance of Florocrete urethane mortar. This family of concrete floor toppings is capable of withstanding the extraordinary temperature cycling, acid/base and chemical extremes of food and beverage prep or production – and will satisfy even the most persnickety inspector.

Questions about what’s right for your facility, restaurant or bar?  Let Florock’s industrial and commercial flooring experts advise you about the many solvent free, eco-friendly options — available nationwide.  Simply call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) or email us to learn more! www.florock.net/industrial-concrete-flooring-systems

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