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Time Saving Architectural Specifications – Industrial Flooring

If you’re an Architect, Engineer or a Designer, no one needs to tell you about the challenge of specifying industrial flooring.  Because you work with hundreds of construction elements every day, you simply do not have time to become an expert in the many different types of epoxy floor coatings.  And yet, due to the role that industrial floors play in protecting a facility’s concrete, as well as the environment as a whole, it’s important that you get it right.

Sure, there are automated spec’ing systems out there that claim to produce a custom specification after you plug in the different concrete flooring elements you need.  But, unless you have in-depth knowledge about a specific product line, these systems can generate some less than optimal – at times even dangerous — results.   Then, when you try calling the epoxy floor paint manufacturer for help, you get caught in a time-consuming circle of more automation and voice mail. Umm… not exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily, you discovered the full range of CSI format specifications for Division 9600 – Fluid Applied Flooring, on the Florock website.  Easy to plug in to any standard building specification, the Florock specs are downloadable free of charge, without the annoying registration requirements others impose.   Nearly all Florock epoxy concrete products are included in the online Architectural Specification collection.  And if you need technical advice or help in customizing a spec for your application, Team Florock is ready to assist you.  During normal business hours, you’ll always get a real person on the phone at Florock.

Say again?  Yes!  Florock has live, knowledgeable human beings in their Chicago headquarters eager to do whatever they can to make your life easier.

Wow — That’s different! We are a commercial floor coating company.

That’s Florock.  Let’s talk it over at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625).

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