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Next Stop Mars for ESD Industrial Flooring

ESD EpoxyElectronics and semi-conductor manufacturers depend on Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Industrial Flooring to keep their products and their personnel safe.  Yet, not all ESD concrete flooring applications are alike.  How can you know which product is right?

As in any floor coating project, the building owner’s requirements, the condition of the existing concrete floor and the way in which the space is utilized play a role in the choice of ESD flooring.  Two recent installations illustrate this:

A U.S. electronics manufacturer needed reliable, long-lasting ESD floor coatings with good chemical and abrasion resistance.  Additionally, the facility had a strict “solvent-free” policy.  Floropoxy ESD, with its 100% solids formulation, fulfilled these multiple demands beautifully.  After analyzing the newly installed concrete resurfacer , the owner of Activated Flooring Systems wrote, “Over the past fifteen years of installing and testing ESD flooring, I have never tested a floor that the ESD ranges were as tight as this floor. This is the best I have seen yet.”

When a large hangar used to store rocket parts for NASA required new concrete floor coatings, specifications called for concrete resurfacing that would dissipate static in accordance with ESD Association Guidelines.  Florothane CR 250 ESD fit the bill, in addition to providing the exceptional resistance to solvents, chemicals and aviation fluids demanded of air hangar floors.  The result — an amazing floor and a happy customer.

What’s next for Florock ESD Industrial Flooring?  With NASA among its fans… next stop, Mars?

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