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National Poultry Day — Epoxy Flooring

Why is an epoxy flooring manufacturer celebrating March 19th – National Poultry Day?  The answer can be found in men like Jason P. of Kansas City, KS, age 54.

Food Processing FloorJason is one of over 240,000 employees making their living in the 535+ poultry processing establishments in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau, 2002).  The folks that do the physically demanding, sometimes dangerous work literally “put the meat on our tables”.  They deserve our attention.

When FloroCrete urethane concrete floor coating gets installed in a meat or poultry processing plant, we think of people like Jason – and feel pretty good.  We know that this seamless industrial floor is specifically designed for such facilities and meets USDA guidelines for concrete flooring.  It stands up to regular steam cleaning and freeze-thaw cycles without cracking.  By giving pathogens fewer places to hide, FloroCrete contributes to healthier employees – and a healthier food supply.  A variety of skid resistant industrial flooring finishes can even help minimize slip and fall accidents.

So, this National Poultry Day, we say “thank you” to Jason P. and his fellow workers – and invite you to see the latest chicken joke on our Facebook page!

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