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Inspired Industrial Flooring? You Bet!

Industrial flooring sounds so… well, industrial.  Is there a choice in design? Absolutely!  Don’t let the terminology fool you.  Florock’s high performance concrete floor coatings are available in unlimited colors, patterns and textures.  Let’s look at just a few of the many options:

Field Tinting: Nearly all clear Florock floor paint systems can be conveniently tinted on the jobsite with our Universal or 100% Solids Colorants.  By allowing just the right quantity of each color to be mixed as needed, the Florock Colorant system eliminates the waste of buying large containers of any given shade of epoxy coating — enabling innovative design on a budget.

FloroQuartz: This ceramic coated quartz aggregate is available in 9 solid colors that can be blended to create unlimited variety.   When broadcast into layers of clear Floropoxy , FloroQuartz aggregate adds not only beauty, but additional strength to the epoxy floor system. Florock regularly stocks the solids, as well as 8 proprietary FloroQuartz blends.

FloroChips: Plastic chips are another decorative accessory that can be employed to express the artistic imagination of the industrial floor designer.  Available in standard and microchip sizes, Florock stocks 8 solid colors and maintains inventory on 5 standard blends and 3 microchip blends.

Skid Resistant Aggregates: Aluminum Oxide, Shark Skin (chopped, graded plastic) or Glass Beads may be added to Florock topcoats to increase the skid resistance of any concrete floor.

Finish Options: High gloss and satin cement floor painting options are available, as well as additives that create a stippled effect.  Even logos and decals can be integrated into your new traffic surface.

So when choosing new concrete flooring for your facility, why not let loose your creative vision?  Delineate workspaces and aisleways with different colors, aggregate blends or textures.  Have the company logo embedded in the entranceway floor.  Creative spaces encourage creative thinking.  Can uniquely designed facility flooring inspire? You bet!

Need more ideas?  Just give us a call at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625). We offer commercial floor coating systems.

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