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Ask the Industrial Flooring Expert

Joey G., Member of a Colorado Fire Department, writes:

In a recent Florock newsletter, you said, “The concrete surface needs to be opened to accept primers. Acid etching, shot blasting, diamond grinding, milling and scarification are some of the methods used to prepare the concrete for priming.”

Can you please elaborate on each of these methods? Our apparatus bays are currently coated with a two-part epoxy paint.  They get recoated approximately every 5 years, so there are several layers already down.  We’re looking for a high gloss concrete paint that will last longer than 5 years.

Hello Joey,

Thanks for your inquiry.  Every concrete slab has different preparation requirements. In your case, the concrete floor epoxy may only need a sanding before recoating. That is, IF the epoxy coating on the floor is well-bonded. If your concrete coating is peeling in spots, however, you may need to remove the existing epoxy flooring completely.

This can be done in several ways, depending on the condition of the bond. For example, scarifying will quickly remove the floor coating.  However, it will damage the slab and is not recommended if a thin mil industrial coating will be going on the floor. Diamond grinding may take a little longer than scarifying, but will not damage the slab. Shot blasting can remove the floor paint, provided that it is not a soft or flexible coating. We have approved contractors in Colorado who are experts at these various prep methods. They can also provide you with a turn key flooring system.

Longevity of the floor is based primarily on the system you select and the maintenance you provide. Fire Station Apparatus Bay floors must withstand the impact of fire hose ends, ladders and the various tools of your trade.  For this, we recommend the FloroShop, FloroQuartz or FloroBuild systems.  As a topcoat to any of these, we suggest  Florothane CR 250 or 7100, both of which provide excellent protection from AFFF foam, transmission & brake fluids, as well as tire marking (caused by plasticizer migration from the tires).  When properly maintained, the above systems have a useful life of 10, 15 and 20 years.

Sari Ghiselli, your Florock Rep in Colorado, is available to help you with a contractor, samples and selection of the proper flooring system.  We look forward to working with you!


Tom Lux

Florock Technical Service Representative

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