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NEW! Solvent-Free ESD Epoxy Flooring!

“ZAP!” It’s the last thing you want to hear in your electronics or semi-conductor plant – and a sign you might need new electrostatic-dissipative (ESD) industrial flooring!  Let’s see…with your company’s latest memo on solvent restrictions, you’ll need 100% solids ESD concrete coatings as part of your overall safety program.  Oh, and…Management wants a lighter colored finish to brighten work areas; Maintenance demands the concrete floor be easy to clean; Accounting wants light reflectivity to help lower electric costs… ZOWIE!

Luckily, finding anti-static concrete flooring that meets the needs of every department has never been easier!   Look no further than NEW Floropoxy ESD Solvent-Free Static Dissipative Floor Coating.

Imagine – the reliability of Florock ESD in a Zero V.O.C. formula!  Perfect for solvent-restricted buildings, Floropoxy ESD Solvent-Free offers outstanding adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, hardness and durability.  And of course, it’s glossy, Medium-Light Gray finish provides consistent ESD properties throughout the epoxy flooring surface, in accordance with ESD Association guidelines.

Need “Zero ZAP! Zero V.O.C.” flooring?  Zero Problem!  Call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625).  We can help. https://www.florock.net/industrial-concrete-flooring-systems/

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