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Ask the Concrete Flooring Expert

Garry Z. writes:

In patching cracks and filling in low spots on a concrete floor, what materials are most compatible with your cement floor paint and what is the minimum thickness of a patch?  Should the patching be done before or after surface prep?  What kind of finish should the patch have?

Hi Garry,

Thanks for your great question!  Since moving joints/ cracks require a different approach, the following assumes that any cracks to be repaired are non-moving.

All patching should be done after the prep on the concrete floor has been completed.  The type of epoxy flooring system you intend to apply over the patches will determine the finished texture of the patch:  When going over the patches with a thin mil or broadcast epoxy floor coating, leave a smooth surface on the repair; if a troweled resurfacer system will be applied, finish the repair with a texture.

Proper treatment of a damaged substrate prior to applying traffic coats is one of the most important – and, unfortunately, most often overlooked –aspects of industrial flooring work.  Florock offers a variety of concrete crack repair and cement floor patching products to accommodate different needs:

FloroGel is a highly thixotropic, 100% solids epoxy that can be placed in holes up to 1.5 inches deep.  It also lends itself to feather-edging the repair area to “zero” inches.  FloroGel is ready for recoating with epoxy floor paint in 2-3 hours, depending on depth of application — The deeper the fill, the quicker the cure.

Florobuild HT is a trowelable, 100% solids heavy duty epoxy mortar.  Aggregate is employed in the mix to increase Florobuild’s compressive strength to >10,000 psi, compared with the standard 4,000-6,000 psi of concrete. This system is typically installed at 1/4″ to resurface badly spalled concrete and can also be used for deeper fills.

Florock Acrylic Polymer Additive is mixed with Portland cement and sand.  Depending upon aggregate size, the mix can be placed at a depth of 1/8″ and greater.

Garry, I hope provides you with the information you were looking for.  Please feel free to call me for further details at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625).  I look forward to hearing from you!

Tom Lux
Technical Service Representative

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